About the company

Polsko-Amerykański System Medyczny – II Sp. z o.o. is a company offering corporate customers a private health care system for their employees, sold as medical service subscriptions.

Our operations are based on a modern and highly effective US health care model, PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), adopted to Polish environment. It incorporates the best, highly specialized medical facilities into PASM-II system, which is then used by our clients.

Before joining PASM-II, each medical facility is checked and has to comply with specific standards. All our members are characterized above all by the high quality of specialist medical care, wide range of tests and exams available and possess modern medical equipment. In addition, we also emphasize pleasant service and a friendly atmosphere, one that provides comfort and gives our patients the feeling of security.

PASM-II medical subscriptions offered to our clients cover full range of medical services. They include all kinds of tests related to labor medicine (initial and periodic exams, medical check-ups), as well as access to medical specialists and a wide range of medical tests and exams.